About Lobsterman's

Lobsterman's was founded in Maine in 2001 by Ghislaine Berube a nice lady with a passion for simple and effective skincare. In 2015, Ghislaine passed the reins of the business to her "favorite sister in law...from Hampden, Maine", Allison Berube />
So...Welcome to Lobsterman's Natural Skincare. I am Allison. I worried I would no longer be able to buy Lobsterman's Cool Kiss and Lobsterman's Balm. The only way to assure that the high standards set by Ghislaine would continue was to buy the business myself.  I am honored to carry on her work.

Here in Maine we are not much into all the bells and whistles. We just like products that work.

Our secret?
"We use our own special blends of nature's most effective and high quality ingredients like sweet almond, shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E, and then we test them right in our own neighborhood and on our own family members (and that is how I got hooked on Lobsterman’s skincare products). 

Hey, if they work for the lobstermen and women of Maine, they'll work for you.

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